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Why is Digital Marketing Needed to Recover Your Business in Pandemic?

It has been more than six months since the outbreak of the pandemic. It got the world to such a halt that the entire human race had not witnessed ever before. The coronavirus pandemic is a “devastating blow” for the world economy, according to World Bank President David Malpass.

The negative side of the pandemic continues to have a bearing on all kinds of businesses. Pandemic has crippled almost all sorts of businesses and continues to cause substantial losses to business owners and employees. People have suffered emotionally, physically, and utmost importantly financially.

The gravest impact of the pandemic has been on small businesses. The pandemic has affected them in such a way that they are not able to find a ray of hope to sustain their business in such difficult conditions.

The traditional marketing strategies that small business owners used for ages are all in vain and have pushed their businesses at the initial level.

It is time to embrace the change and be proactive with Digital Marketing- time for businesses to become the New Age Marketers.

Digital Platform has a massive potential to create meaningful conversations by knowing the preferences of target audiences, and this has made Digital Marketing the quintessential. The technological upsurge has given a plethora of options for marketing to enhance brand visibility.

With the right wit to pick amongst the suitable options, a brilliant marketing strategy is created, transforming the complete landscape of consumer experience forever.

  • Has the pandemic pushed brands to re-strategize their way of marketing?

In times of curtailed marketing spends, brands need to stay effective.  The budget has always been a problematic area for marketers. Unlike traditional marketing, huge marketing results in the terms of ROI can be achieved by brands without loosening their purse strings much. Traditional marketing revolves around huge budgets and the reach to the audience is low.

Digital Platform works on the thumb rule- Low Cost- Higher Reach

Digital marketing is UNIQUE, and its uniqueness lies in the massive reach that it provides to businesses to connect with their potential customers with a limited budget. With increased smartphone usage and easy data availability, digital presence has never mattered more than ever.

Digital Marketers have a world of options available to drive conversations, engage customers, and experiment with creativity, and innovations.

  • What are the emerging trends in digital marketing post-Covid-19?

The pandemic has transformed age-old peoples’ perceptions and business practices overnight. Retail businesses have felt a huge brunt of the pandemic. They have always been reluctant to have a digital presence for their business or expand their web-presence but now they are reworking their marketing budgets and seeking guidance and assistance from digital marketers to optimize their income.

Ever since the lockdown, people have completely transformed their way of doing financial transactions. Cashless transactions are the new norm. Be it shopping on e-commerce websites for essentials and groceries, or using delivery-based services for medicines from local pharmacies, to name a few. All platforms use payment gateways or e-wallets, thus making Cash on Delivery a rhetoric activity.

Brands now have only one aim to target and engage their audience. Using community marketing is one of the tools used by brands to share stories that connect with their potential customers. Brands access avenues like social media influencers to know the choices of consumers and then target them with the right products.

To maximize ROI has become the top priority of every marketer and creative people across sectors. Innovations and harnessing the power of newer techniques need to be prioritized in the post COVID world.